The main page of Roy's Sports Hall.

Roy's Sports Hall is a section of Lemmy's Land which hosted battles between various Mario villians up until the webmaster's departure in June 2012. Ever since then, it has been host to a variety of users who have begun a roleplay on the front page blog.

The RoleplayEdit

After the webmaster left, Roy's Sports Hall slowly dwindled in popularity as there was no new content to bring in new members. On the main blog, a "mock battle" was started, which eventually evolved into the roleplay.

Griphy started a new blog for the rp to continue. is the link.

The UsersEdit

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Nega Link King Shroob II - Some zombie guy 

Super Metal Evil Flyer - 

Bob-omb Buddy - 

Scipia -  A 20 year old half-Amura, half-human mage who is the current leader of the heroic organization, Knights of PokéPlitRule, as well as the present ruler of Hyrule. She had her memories erased and was turned into a Duskull by her older half brother, Stygi, at the age of five. It wasn't until years later—approximately 11-12 years—that she discovered the truth of her past and was changed back into a human. Her best friend is a Shiny Sceptile named Scirwode, and she worked for her master, Nega, until he was one day killed by Eobard.

Jake - A Human from earth, was summoned to the universe that everyone else is in after Earth was put in danger, and the one that sent him to earth was the one that put earth in danger. His Sister is Nami, his best friend is a girl known as Ace, and a good friend of his is a boy named Max. They are all 15 and a half, and their enemy is Vicious, the one who sent them away from Earth. They all possess different powers and abilities, and they hold a different sword each. Paladion, S-Cobalt, X-Slice, and O-Blade. Unfortunately for them, Vicious has the ability to control any humans, and he has controlled them, as well as tried to control Scipia and Stygi. Unknown to anyone, Jake has a secret of his own, but he refuses to talk about it. All known about his secret is to just stay away when his eyes turn red.

Magikoopa - 

Rotom - 

Chatot Paratroopa - A Chatot-color schemed Paratroopa who leads a band of Puffballs dubbed the "Rainbow Puff Squad". So many partners, so little plot relevence.

Kazanryu-Koopa Sr. - A Koopa created in a school project between Manic and Buddy. He is made from extrapolating DNA from Bowser, Clawdia, Buddy and Manic. See more by clicking here. (Link coming soon!)

King Metal Sonic Boo - 

Lady Timpani - 

Josh- A Dry Bones who was the host of the Josh and King Boo show, that got canceled due to budget cuts. Is currently a members in Lady Palutena's army.

Griphy - A Gryphon who is Flyer's cousin.